August Sucks, but it Gets Better: Ranking all 12 Months

Before I begin, let me say this list is extremely biased. It’s 100% influenced by my location, my job, my family, and my interests. There’s nothing objective about the words to follow. So accept these circumstances and enjoy the ride!

Tier 4: The Bad

12. January
There are scientific studies that show January as the most depressing month, and I am among those who fall into that category. The days are short. The weather is cold. And my birthday (which I hate) falls in this month.

11. August
My wife is a teacher, which means I try to avoid her as much as possible this month. The weather is atrocious. And preseason football makes me sick

10. February
Basically everything I said about January applies here too. Just substitute the thoughts I have about my birthday with similar thoughts regarding Valentine’s Day.

Tier 3: The Neutral

9. July
Again, the weather here is awful. But I love the July 4th Holiday. July is also conducive to taking a trip, which certainly helps.

8. March
The last two weeks of March pull the entire weight here: it kicks off perhaps the best stretch of sports all year (March Madness, Baseball season, The Masters, NFL Draft.)

7. April
I really like rain, which is a definite perk for April. And the sports goodness from late March carries into this month.

Tier 2: The Good

6. May
The weather is perfect, although the thread of storms can sometimes deter my positive outlook. School letting out in May is generally a huge plus.

5. June
Because of my anniversary being this month, it turns out that some of our best trips occur during this time. It’s also a great month to play golf.

4. September
Any month that begins with a day to celebrate how hard I work is a friend of mine. The NFL season kicking off puts it among the top.

Tier 1: The Best

3. November
Any Holiday that celebrates food is my cup of tea. The weather is typically still great. And it kicks off the Holiday season… (see more below.)

2. December
I love Christmas. LOVE IT! The lights, the music, the Holiday cheer. Bring it on. I’ll take every bit of it you can throw at me. And having a child has only added to my love for the Holiday.

1. October
Anyone who says a negative word about October should be sentenced to community service. The colors… the festivals… the cool, brisk mornings and evenings… the smells… football… and the MLB playoffs. There is no better time of year.

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