The Definitive Ranking of Thanksgiving-Related Food

Close your eyes and think of Thanksgiving… Chances are that most of us see the same types of food. Of course there are different varieties, preparations, and the works. But a Thanksgiving meal is fairly universal.

I’ve taken it upon myself to rank the Top 10 Thanksgiving-Related food items. And if you disagree with me, then you’re wrong.

10 – Gravy
Thanksgiving is the only meal of the year where I consider gravy its food group. It truly makes everything better. Is grandma’s turkey too dry? Put gravy on it. Is Aunt Lucy’s potatoes too bland? Put gravy on it.

9 – Brussels Sprouts
A relatively new dish for me, as I never had it growing up. It’s now my favorite vegetable, and one I’ve found is popular to serve around Thanksgiving for other families. It’s the quintessential “green” on your Turkey Day plate.

8 – Rolls
There’s nothing more simple — yet more delightful — than a hot, buttery roll. Eat it plain. Or use it to sop up everything on your plate. You can’t go wrong either way.

7 – Turkey
It’s the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, but it’s not nearly the best part. Turkey just isn’t that great. I’ve had a fried turkey a couple of times, and it was delicious. But it wasn’t better than steak… or duck… or scallops…

6 – Mashed Potatoes
On a general level, I’m not much of a mashed potatoes fan. They are typically boring and tasteless. But for special occasions I like to “twice-cook” them using half & half, garlic, and cream cheese. Shout out to Jeff Mauro’s recipe.

5 – Green Bean Casserole
I don’t know why it’s so good, but it is (as long as you avoid using canned green beans.) Frozen green beans work great if you can’t get your hands on fresh ones. And is there anything more iconic than the crispy fried onions that top it off?

4 – Dressing/Stuffing
There’s no dish that *smells* like Thanksgiving for than dressing. The herbs (most notably the sage) makes the human nose do things we didn’t think were possible.

3 – Cranberry Sauce
I LOVE┬áhomemade cranberry sauce. I’ve gone to the store in the summer hoping to buy the ingredients to make cranberry sauce, but apparently stores don’t carry cranberries in the summer. The tangy side dish compliments a Thanksgiving meal so incredibly well. I can’t imagine Turkey Day without it. Here’s my favorite recipe I use.

2 – Sweet Potatoes (in some form)
Call them yams if you want to, but more often than not, it’s actually sweet potatoes that you’re eating… and they are delicious. I eat sweet potatoes in all forms all throughout the year. And if they are on the Thanksgiving menu, chances are I’m grabbing an extra-size portion.

1 – Pumpkin Pie
I don’t think I can describe how much I love pumpkin pie. I’ve probably made 50 pies in my life, and 48 of them have been pumpkin. Add a dollop of whipped cream and you have a little taste of heaven.

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