Goodbye Modern Family

It was my favorite TV comedy of the 2010’s. It is my favorite family-based comedy ever. And when I put together my Top 10 List of all-time TV shows a couple years back, it registered at #5. It also produced one of my favorite characters in TV history, Phil Dunphy.

Tonight, after 11 seasons and 250 episodes (!!!), Modern Family will say goodbye.

I began watching Modern Family from the very beginning while I was living in Garden City. In its heyday, I considered each episode appointment television. What I found most fascinating about the series is how the writers would pair certain family members together in episodes. So each week, we were introduced to a totally new (and often hysterical) dynamic.

This is the second consecutive year that a long running network sitcom has ended it’s run. (The Big Bang Theory finished up 12 seasons in 2019.) Let’s face it, it’s tough for a comedy to go on this long. Even I’ll admit that recent seasons have not lived up to the standard that was set early on. You can only produce so many plots with the same cast of characters. It’s why more and more shows are going to a 10-13 episodes per season format.

But the show’s decline should not take away from how incredibly funny it was. Some day soon, I’ll go back and revisit the series in its entirety. All 250 episodes. What a run!

Thank you, Modern Family, for bringing some extra joy to this guy’s life.

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