My Ten Favorite TV Series

September is a big time of year in my world, both personally and professionally. As someone who earns a living from people watching TV, how can you not be excited by Fall Premiere Season. There’s something truly magical about that final week in September when TV buzz is at its peak. With the season in mind, I thought now would be a perfect time to list my ten favorite TV series of all-time.

I should note that this ranking was extremely tough. When I recently ranked my 10 favorite movies, I felt like the list was complete because I truly feel like I’ve watched 95% of most great movies. However, I know I haven’t watched all the great TV shows. It’s such a huge time commitment. In the amount of time it would take me to rewatch the entire series of Friends (commercial-free even), I could watch roughly 45 movies. That’s insane! So I encourage your suggestions for my next show to watch.

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My Top Ten Favorite Movies EVER

I can’t think of a better way to open my new site than with a blog post featuring this subject:
a) I love ranking things — whether it be NFL wide receivers or pizza toppings.
b) I love movies, and it’s the most relatable form or entertainment in our society.

Even if you prefer to spend your free time doing other activities, everyone has seen their share of movies. Everyone has their favorites, and I am no exception. So let’s get right to it!

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