The Curious Case of My Bills Fandom; Plus Overall Thoughts on Bills-Chiefs Showdown

I wish I could tell you a good story. I wish I could say that Jim Kelly saved my life as a child, and therefore, I pledged my lifelong allegiance to the Buffalo Bills.

Or perhaps my story could be much more believable: that my dad was raised in Buffalo or that my uncle worked for the Bills and gave me lots of Bills’ memorabilia. Both would make sense. But both are false.

Instead, I’m continually asked a question for which there is no good answer: How did you – a kid from Kansas – become a Buffalo Bills’ fan?

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My Recommendations from 2018

2018 is officially behind us. With today being the first day of 2019, many are attempting to make this year better than the last. I don’t know anyone who woke up this morning saying, “Gee, last year was simply too good. I need this year to be worse.”

With that in mind, I thought I’d do my part to help make your 2019 better. Here are five things I used/watched/discovered last year that I recommend you’ll incorporate into your new year.

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