Rye Ranks: 2020 Best Picture Nominations

Despite my inconsistencies with blogging, one of the few constants have been my annual write-up of the Academy Awards — the only awards show that I care about. Because I freaking love movies, and this is the premiere movie awards ceremony.

This is the 7th year where I’ve watched all the Best Picture nominees, and the 3rd year where I’ve watched them all prior to the awards show. And let me just say this off the bat…

What a year!!! This was BY FAR the best group of nominees since I started doing this. So with that said, here is my ranking of the nine movies nominated for Oscar’s top prize.

*Disclaimer: This is a ranking of my FAVORITE movies, not necessarily the best or the ones with the best chance of winning. There are far better resources if you’re looking for that type of ranking.

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My 5 Most Euphoric Moments as a Sports Fan

Being a sports fanatic is both a blessing and a curse. It can make your day. It can ruin your day. Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve had more of the latter in my 33+ years of fandom. However, it’s those truly special moments that keep me coming back for more. So without further ado, here are My 5 Most Euphoric Moments as a Sports Fan.

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Ranking the 8 Best Picture Nominees from 2018

It was December 2004. I was a freshman in college. The dorms had closed for Winter Break, so I was staying with my parents for about a month. And I was bored out of my freaking mind…

For some odd reason, I decided to fill the time by watching old movies. I realized that several of the movies I was watching were previous Academy Award winners — primarily the winner of the most prestigious award, Best Picture. 

This is how my love for the annual Academy Awards began.

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My Top Ten Christmas Movies

Nothing quite warms the heart like a good Christmas movie. It’s why The Hallmark Channel seemingly produces 67 original Christmas movies every year at this time. A truly great Christmas movie is one you can watch year after year. And it’s why I decided to write this list. My rankings were based on the following criteria:

Criteria #1 – Overall love of the movie
Criteria #2 – Embracing of the true Christmas theme
Criteria #3 – Must be a feature-length movie (Charlie Brown & the original Grinch unfortunately don’t qualify)

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The Definitive Ranking of Thanksgiving-Related Food

Close your eyes and think of Thanksgiving… Chances are that most of us see the same types of food. Of course there are different varieties, preparations, and the works. But a Thanksgiving meal is fairly universal.

I’ve taken it upon myself to rank the Top 10 Thanksgiving-Related food items. And if you disagree with me, then you’re wrong.

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My Ten Favorite TV Series

September is a big time of year in my world, both personally and professionally. As someone who earns a living from people watching TV, how can you not be excited by Fall Premiere Season. There’s something truly magical about that final week in September when TV buzz is at its peak. With the season in mind, I thought now would be a perfect time to list my ten favorite TV series of all-time.

I should note that this ranking was extremely tough. When I recently ranked my 10 favorite movies, I felt like the list was complete because I truly feel like I’ve watched 95% of most great movies. However, I know I haven’t watched all the great TV shows. It’s such a huge time commitment. In the amount of time it would take me to rewatch the entire series of Friends (commercial-free even), I could watch roughly 45 movies. That’s insane! So I encourage your suggestions for my next show to watch.

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My Top Ten Favorite Movies EVER

I can’t think of a better way to open my new site than with a blog post featuring this subject:
a) I love ranking things — whether it be NFL wide receivers or pizza toppings.
b) I love movies, and it’s the most relatable form or entertainment in our society.

Even if you prefer to spend your free time doing other activities, everyone has seen their share of movies. Everyone has their favorites, and I am no exception. So let’s get right to it!

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