Rye Ranks: 2020 Best Picture Nominations

Despite my inconsistencies with blogging, one of the few constants have been my annual write-up of the Academy Awards — the only awards show that I care about. Because I freaking love movies, and this is the premiere movie awards ceremony.

This is the 7th year where I’ve watched all the Best Picture nominees, and the 3rd year where I’ve watched them all prior to the awards show. And let me just say this off the bat…

What a year!!! This was BY FAR the best group of nominees since I started doing this. So with that said, here is my ranking of the nine movies nominated for Oscar’s top prize.

*Disclaimer: This is a ranking of my FAVORITE movies, not necessarily the best or the ones with the best chance of winning. There are far better resources if you’re looking for that type of ranking.

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