Backyard Patio Expansion

It happens twice a year — every spring and every fall. I get an itch. And the only cure is to scratch it. It’s called “need-to-do-a-project syndrome”.

This fall was no exception. However, I wanted to do something that met the following two criteria:
a) Could complete in 1-2 days
b) Would not be too expensive

With encouragement from Ke’o, I decided to spruce up the backyard with a patio expansion. Below is the BEFORE picture:



It’s a nice space, but we wanted it to be more open. We wanted the grill and propane tank to be stored elsewhere. But where??? The answer is below:


The freshly-built expansion is now used for both storage & decor. I built it knowing that it could expand even more in the near future. It’s tough to see, but I used varying sizes of pavers for the pad.

A Few Other Additions:
– At Ke’o’s suggestion, I built a containment box to hide the ugly propane tank.
– Added a fire table to the main patio.
– Built a garden box on the far side of the picture. (To be used as an herb garden in 2019.)
Added mulch areas, which will likely be home to permanent plans in 2019.

Overall, this was a relatively modest fall project. However, it was fun to do and it makes for a nice backyard. I’ll chalk this up as a win.

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